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    Vylio Team

    Multiple map styles are available in Vylio. Map availability is dependant on the Vylio plan subscribed to.


    Google Maps

    The default Google map that is displayed is Google – Roadmap.  The Google map styles available are:

    • Google – Hybrid
    • Google – Roadmap
    • Google – Satellite
    • Google – Terrain


    Google Hybrid

    Mixed map combination of roadmap and Google Earth satellite images.



    Google – Roadmap

    Default map showing streets and roads.


    Google – Satellite

    Map display of Google Earth satellite images.


    Google – Terrain

    Map contain physical earth and terrain information.


    MapTiler Maps

    The defaultMapTiler map that is displayed isMapTiler – Streets.  TheMapTiler map styles available are:

    • MapTiler -Basic
    • MapTiler -Bright
    • MapTiler -Dark Matter
    • MapTiler -Positron
    • MapTiler -Satellite
    • MapTiler -Streets
    • MapTiler -Topo


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