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    Vylio supports the Connect Protocol.  When adding a device to Vylio, choose the Connect Protocol option if the device or service, you are connecting to Vylio uses the Connect Protocol. The manufacturer/vendor will specify this.  If you are unsure, check with the manufacturer/vendor.

    Another reason to select the Connect Protocol, is if you have a device or service that does not have a protocol yet and you are looking for a easy to use per-created protocol that is ready to go.  The protocol information for Connect Protocol by GPSengine can be viewed here.


    The Connect Protocol is versatile and can be used for sending data messages for IoT and Tracking devices, web services, Webhooks and other data streams.


    Example of Email to Vylio for Connect Protocol

    Below is an example where an email to Zapier service to Vylio can be done.  This is purely for demonstration purpose to highlight how simple and versitle this can be. Also useful for prototyping checking the data in Vylio for your development and for corner case scenarios where a direct message to Vylio is not possible but sending an email message is.




    Vylio – Add a new Device

    To add a new device:

    • Click Add new device
    • Select Connect Protocol
    • Enter a name label for your device
    • Agree to the terms and conditions of usage
    • Click Add Device
    • Take a copy of the ID as this is needed to send data to Vylio.

    If you have reached your number of devices limit, upgrade your plan or remove one of the existing devices.


    Zapier – Create a Zap

    • Create a new Webhook post for new email messages.  This will be a Zap to receive and process emails sent to Zapier, will will process then send to a Webhook URL at Vylio.
    • Create a new Zpier email address to send the emails to, this will be an email address created at Zapier which you can use for this task.  Example email will look like [email protected].
    • Set the Zapier Webhook action to be a Custom Request
    • Click Continue
    • Set Method to be POST
    • Set the URL to be
    • Use your first email message sent to Zapier for the sample to use in the Data section
    • Set Unflatten to No

    Once this is completed you will be able to send email to your Zapier email address and have the data formatted and sent to Vylio, updating your device on Vylio when new data is recieved via Zapier.



    For our examples we will be using the following sample information:

    • Zapier email address =  [email protected]
    • Connect Protocol device ID for Vylio = 111122223333

    Email should be in plain text format.


    Basic example with two sample messages

    Email to: [email protected]
    Email body/message:



    Basic example with additional information in two sample messages

    Email to: [email protected]
    Email body/message:

    {"data": [
    {"timestamp": 1522591260,"uid": "3529562xxxxx","altitude": "102","event": "2","gpssats": "6","latitude": -33.8567844,"longitude": 151.2152967,"oevent": "id12","temperature1": "18"},
    {"timestamp": 1522591320,"uid": "3529562xxxxx","altitude": 101,"event": 13,"gpssats": 5,"latitude": -33.8567845,"longitude": 151.2152957,"oevent": "id13","temperature1": "18.5"}

    The fields and message format for the Connect protocol can be viewed here.


    Command line example

    For the more advanced, here is an example using curl at the command line to post messages to a Vylio device using the Connect Protocol.

    curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"data":[{"timestamp":1534469485,"uid":"6260691xxxxx","altitude":8,"nsats":6,"rh":16}]}' ""

    Fields used in this example:

    • Timestamp of data sample, seconds since Unix epoch. Integer. timestamp:1534469485
    • Unique ID of the device, this Unique ID is generated by the Vylio service, and can be obtained by checking the device information within the Vylio account. Messages are recorded and linked to the device via its uid. uid:6260691xxxxx
    • Altitude in meters. Min -2147483648, max 2147483647, Integer. altitude:8
    • Number of satellites seen by the device. This does not mean the device is actively using all the satellites, it is usually the number of satellites seen. Min 0, max 4294967295, Integer. nsats:6
    • Relative humidity, percent. rh:16


    The fields and message format for the Connect protocol can be viewed here.

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